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  • Open wood fire with contemporary fascia Brighton

    Open Wood Fireplaces

    • Award winning open wood fires
    • Easy installation
      – no brickwork required
    • Range of sizes
    • Radiant and convective heat
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  • Architectural design Seamless landscape fireplace St Kilda

    Seamless Landscape Gas Fireplace

    • Award winning gas fire
    • WIFI compatible (included)
    • 4 star efficiency
    • Flexible flues for easy installation
    • Proudly Australian Made
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  • Modern Enviro log fireplace with black ext fascia

    Enviro High Efficient Gas Fireplaces

    • Award winning gas fire
    • Huge heat output
    • 4.6 star efficiency
    • Flexible flues for easy installation
    • Proudly Australian Made
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  • Green-Heat-Pellet-Fire---Image-1---Hero

    Green Heat Pellet Fire

    • Carbon-neutral fuel source
    • 100% sustainable fuel
    • 86% Efficiency Rating
    • Automatic ignition system and remote-controlled settings
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Get the perfect fireplace for your home
Achieve warmth with style


Heatmaster, in partnership with Australia’s leading architects, designers, and builders, offers an award-winning range of contemporary and traditional gas fires, open-wood and natural fireplaces. 

With over 40 years of experience heating homes in Australia and New Zealand, we combine efficiency with aesthetic appeal and ease of installation. 

Transform your home and achieve warmth in style with the perfect fireplace you need. Explore our product range online or visit your local dealer, and experience the unparalleled ambience and long-lasting warmth of a Heatmaster fireplace.

Explore our fireplaces

Unsure which fireplace you need? Explore our wide range of modern fireplaces.

Award-winning, stylish indoor or outdoor

Our Open Wood Fireplace is the only open fireplace to have been awarded the Australia Design Award. Heatmaster also has a range of insulated fireboxes which can be installed into timber without the need for brickwork. So you can choose to install your fireplace indoors or outdoors. 

Fits perfectly, seamlessly

The Seamless Landscape Fireplace is a glass-fronted, in-wall fireplace that flawlessly blends the traditional with the modern. It’s only available in natural gas and accurately replicates the natural environment of the country. But it also boasts Wi-Fi capabilities the use of unique smaller flexible flues.

Kind on your wallet, kind on the environment

The Enviro High Efficient Gas Fireplace is perfect for open plan indoor living areas. It’s one of the most versatile gas fireplaces you can get—have it installed as a free-standing or built-in unit. Plus, it’s high efficient with 4.6 star energy rating, making it kinder to you and the environment. 

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