7 Creative Ways to Incorporate a Modern Fireplace into Your Home Decor

May 24, 2024
Ooze Studios

A modern fireplace is much more than just a heat source these days. It’s a stylish centrepiece that can upgrade your home’s look and feel. It serves as a focal point for gatherings, where families can share stories and create cherished memories together.

If you’re revamping your home and want to add a stylish heating solution, here are 7 creative ways to seamlessly incorporate a modern fireplace into your home decor.

Minimalist elegance

Minimalist elegance

For a minimalist approach, integrate your fireplace into a clean wall, such as one made of sleek cement or polished stone. This subtle yet sophisticated design choice adds warmth without overwhelming the space. The simplicity of the materials also creates an elegant look, making the fireplace a standout feature that blends well with modern aesthetics.

Tip: Add stylish furnishings and accessories in neutral tones to maintain a cohesive and understated look. To complement the minimalist design, pick simple furniture, monochromatic colour schemes and minimalistic decorations.

Rustic charm

Rustic charm

Want a blend of rustic and modern? Install your fireplace within a brick accent wall. Exposed brick adds texture and character to any space while providing the perfect backdrop for a contemporary fireplace design. The combination of rustic materials with modern elements creates a unique and inviting atmosphere.

Tip: Complete the rustic brick wall with decor elements like vintage artwork, wooden shelves, or even potted plants. This balances the overall design, giving your room a warmer, more inviting vibe.

Beneath a wall-mounted TV

Fireplace beneath a wall-mounted TV

Maximise your living room by adding a modern fireplace below your TV. This setup not only adds visual interest but also gives a comfortable atmosphere ideal for movie nights and gatherings with loved ones. It’s a practical solution that combines entertainment and relaxation in one stylish arrangement.

Tip: Opt for a wall-mounted or in-built fireplace to save floor space and achieve a seamless look beneath your television. Ensure the fireplace’s design matches the TV’s sleek, modern lines to maintain a harmonious aesthetic.

Surrounded by artwork

Surrounded by artwork

Turn your fireplace into an art piece by surrounding it with your favourite artwork. A gallery wall adds a personal touch and makes the whole space feel more relaxed and visually appealing. It also allows you to express your personality and style while creating a centrepiece in the room.

Tip: Select artwork that fits your colour scheme to tie everything together. Try experimenting with different frame styles and sizes, but keep it balanced so it doesn’t look too busy. You can also use picture lights to draw more attention to your fireplace.

Outdoor haven

Outdoor haven

Extend your living space outdoors by installing a modern fireplace in your patio or backyard. Whether it’s a sleek open wood fire or a modern gas fireplace, this addition will keep you warm on chilly nights and create a relaxing spot perfect for outdoor entertaining.

Tip: Arrange some comfy outdoor seating around the fireplace to make it a social spot. Throw in some blankets, pillows and soft lighting to make your outdoor area just as inviting as your indoor space. You can add other home accessories like outdoor rugs, lanterns and cushions.

Incorporated into a built-in shelving

Modern fireplace in a built-in shelving

Adding a modern fireplace to built-in shelving units helps add sophistication and warmth to your room while providing ample storage for your books, electronics and other essentials. This is perfect for living rooms, study areas or even bedrooms, as it provides both functionality and elegance.

Tip: Customise the shelving units to accommodate the fireplace and provide ample space for displaying books, decor items and personal keepsakes. Use a mix of closed and open storage to keep the area looking tidy.

Symmetrical design

Symmetrical design

Mirror the design elements on both sides of the fireplace to create a more refined and cohesive focal point. You can add matching shelving units or balanced lighting fixtures to bring a sense of harmony and order to the space.

Tip: Go for adjustable shelves so you can fit different items and keep things interesting. Include a pair of identical vases or frames on either side of the fireplace to enhance the symmetry.

Transform your space with Heatmaster

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The Enviro has a contemporary design with a choice of logs, pebbles or coals to match the look and style of your home. It can warm entire spaces of up to 250 square meters. Despite boasting one of the largest heat outputs of its kind, this gas fireplace is also kind to the environment with an exceptional energy rating of 4.6 stars.

Seamless Landscape Glass Gas Fireplaces

The Seamless Landscape Gas Fireplace is designed with architects, builders and homeowners in mind. It has a double-glazed glass window with realistic-looking Australian Coast driftwood glowing logs. It also comes standard with a programmable thermostat remote control to ensure your house is warm throughout the day.

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