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FAQ – Green Heat Pellet Fire

The Heatmaster Seamless Gas Fireplace is intended to add ambience and atmosphere to a new contemporary home as a secondary heating source.

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The Heatmaster Green Heat pellet fires are an efficient heating source capable of heating up to 80sqm
It is important to empty and clean the burner pot after each use The glass door will need to be wiped down and cleaned after use
The Green Heat pellet fires have a flue fan and an adjustable room fan which can be heard during operation. You may also hear pellets drop into the burner pot Heatmaster recommends that you visit your nearest display dealer to see, feel and hear the Green Heat pellet fire in operation prior to purchasing
If the display panel reads “Ignition failed” simply press the “on” button for 5 seconds to reset the system. You can then try to start the fire again Ensure that the burner pot has been emptied and cleaned Ensure that the pellet delivery tube and auger are clear of any blockages
No, the Green Heat fire is designed specifically for Heat pellets
Yes, there is a standard 3 pin plug that provides power for the Auger (pellet feeding motor) and the fans which is required for the unit to function
There is very little smoke associated with the pellet fire however on initial start up and shut down you may see / smell a little smoke

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