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FAQ – Open Gas Fireplaces

Heatmaster open gas Fireplaces Melbourne are designed as a decorative feature to add ambience. Heatmaster open gas fires are proudly Australian made and offer a gas coal, a combination gas coal/log and a gas pebble fire place design.

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Open gas fires are designed as a decorative feature to add ambience. Open gas fires should not be purchased as a heating source.

Heating capacity
Heatmaster 450: 2-3 Squares
Heatmaster 650: 2-3 Squares
Heatmaster 750: 2-3 Squares
Heatmaster 900: 2-3 Squares
Heatmaster offer a gas coal, a combination gas coal/log, and gas pebble fire available in Heatmaster sizes 650, 750 and 900. Gas coal and gas coal/log are also available in the Heatmaster 450.
Model: 450 Coal log - LPG: 23 MJ/Hr - Natr: 28 MJ/Hr
Model: 650 Coal log - LPG: 31 MJ/Hr - Natr: 37 MJ/Hr
Model: 750 Coal log - LPG: 31 MJ/Hr - Natr: 37 MJ/Hr
Model: 900 Coal log - LPG: 36 MJ/Hr - Natr: 39 MJ/Hr
Heatmaster open gas fireboxes are proudly Australian made
The Heatmaster open gas firebox are made with BHP Pressed steel, Ranging from 2mm thick for the outer casing to 3mm for the internal back and sides.
The Warranty ranges from 12 months for gas components to 15 years on firebox (under normal/Intended use)
The Heatmaster “A” series fireboxes are unlike any other firebox, they have all been designed with a layer of insulation allowing installation into timber and plaster with minimal clearances.
Heatmaster offer the only firebox to be fully insulated
Heatmaster open fireboxes are 100% Australian made
Heatmaster open gas fires have a large heat exchanger
Heatmaster offer a range of sizes and style open gas fires
The clearances are 25mm above the unit and 25mm from back and sides.
The standard Heatmaster open gas fire does not require power, however if you choose the optional fan, or electronic ignition, you will require power.
The clearances are 25mm from any combustible material to the outer flue.
The flue must protrude no less then 600mm with nothing obstructing within 3600mm.
No, how ever Heatmaster recommend that 10mm /cement sheeting underneath the unit
All Heatmaster open gas fireplaces must be fitted with an approved gas cowl. A rotating bird cowl can not be used.
Yes, all gas open fireplaces require permanent ventilation (as per standards AS561 – AG601- 2000). A cross sectional area of 40,000sq mm of effective ventilation is required.

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