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FAQ – Seamless Gas Fireplace

The Heatmaster Seamless Gas Fireplace is intended to add ambience and atmosphere to a new contemporary home as a secondary heating source.

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The Heatmaster Seamless is intended to add ambience and atmosphere to a new contemporary home or renovation as a secondary heating source rather than a sole source of heating. The Seamless has been independently tested at 8.1kw which is capable of heating up to 100sq meters (however ceiling heights, room configuration, floor and window coverings and outside temperature will affect this). The Seamless can be run on heating mode, or with the room fans turned off in decorative mode.
It is not uncommon for the firebox or fascia to be scratched during the installation, this is nothing to be alarmed about. A spray can of high temp (Stove Bright) paint can be used to touch up any blemishes or scratches once the installation is complete.
Every 1 to 2 years you should engage a gas plumber for a service to ensure that your gas fire is still working at its optimum. The flues should also be checked at each service to ensure there are no obstructions or issues that have occurred since the initial installation.
The Seamless is proudly designed and made here in Australia.
No, at this stage it is only available in natural gas.
18(low)- 36( High) Mj per hour (natural gas)
At this stage, we have Australian coastal driftwood
The Warranty ranges from 1 year for gas components to 5 years on firebox and one year free labour.
The Seamless has a unique low lineal landscape design and is able to use small flexi flues while with great attention to detail and quality it is one of the most realistic looking fireplace on the market.
The Heating capacity of the Heatmaster Seamless is approx. 100 square meters although this will vary with room configuration, insulation and outside temperatures.
The Heatmaster Seamless has a high star rating of 4 Frequently asked questions Heatmaster Seamless fireplace Installation
Yes 240V – no extension cords or power boards to be used
It is an Australian standard that all gas fireplace are fitted with an isolation switch, this allows the power to be turned off when being serviced.
Heatmaster recommends that you have a 1m ½ inch approved flexi gas connection with a cut off valve.
No, the Seamless utilises two separate (small flexible) flues. One exhausts the gas fumes while the other brings outside air into the firebox to feed the combustion. This ensures that the air quality in the room is not affected.
The Seamless needs to sit on non-combustible material, 200mm above the floor height.
Prior to installing any material around your fireplace please check with the material manufacture to ensure it’s suitability.
No, the Seamless should sit flush with the front wall/chimney breast (see install guide for further details).

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