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Balwyn Wood Fireplaces

Experience the pleasure and atmosphere of an wood heaters Melbourne in your Balwyn home with the Heatmaster range of wood fireplaces.

Our award-winning designs combine meticulous attention to detail with all the features you need in your wood fireplace.

We’re proud that our open wood fireplace has been awarded the prestigious Australia Design Award, giving you the confidence that you’ll be able to create exactly the look you want for your home, whether that’s a classic wood fireplace, or something a little more contemporary.

Explore our wide range of decorative mantels and fasicas to create the right look, and then finish off the design with a stylish matching cowl and firescreen.


Luxury wood fireplaces in Balwyn

With the freedom to create almost any look you want, you’re sure to find the right open wood fireplace in the Heatmaster range.

And you also have the freedom to locate your new open wood fire place almost anywhere in your Balwyn home.

Take advantage of our fully-insulated “A Series” fireplaces with a “zero clearance” design, so you can install them into a location that’s right next to timber or plaster work, without having to install additional brickwork.

And if you already have a fireplace that you’d like to repurpose, then choose our “B Series” wood fireplaces, that are designed to integrate seamlessly with an existing flue or chimney.

Transform any outdoor living area with one of our wood fireplaces, and if you protect it from the weather, your fireplace will give you many years of pleasure.

We’ve also worked hard to ensure you get maximum efficiency from your wood fireplace, with our 5-sided heat exchange system.

Cleaning our open wood fireplaces is also easy, with our removable ashtray.

Designed with local conditions in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect heating solution for your home in the Heatmaster range of open wood fireplaces.

For more information on Heatmaster’s Fireplaces Melbourne, visit your local distributor, or contact us today.

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