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Camberwell Wood Fireplaces

Create a warm and smart environment in your Camberwell home with our Open Wood Fireplaces Sydney.

With a range of decorative fascias and mantels available from contemporary to traditional looks, you are sure to create the perfect ambience in your living space.

Open wood fireplaces are the only wood fireplace to have received an Australian Design Award. The beautiful fireplaces are sure to add character to your home.

Create a look that matches your personality and suits your family with our wide range of fireplaces Melbourne with a stylish firescreen and cowl.

Luxury wood fireplaces in Camberwell

Creating a look for your fire place that matches the personality of your family is easy with our range of flexible designs.

We offer two different types of installation options to suit your needs.

If you are after a seamless experience and do not want to change the flow of your interior design, then our “A Series” fireplaces is the perfect solution. Our A series fireboxes allow you to install them anywhere in your home.

They are fully-insulated with ‘zero clearance’ design. This allows you to set up the fireplace without additional brickwork around your new wood fireplace.

Do you have an existing chimney? You can embed your wood fireplace into your existing chimney using our “B Series” designs. These are uninsulated and fit readily into any existing fireplace.

With us, you have a number of options. If you want to bring extra flare to your outdoor space, our Heatmaster wood fireplace can be utilized outdoors too.

However, these fireplaces perform best when not exposed to the Melbourne weather, to prevent the firebox steel from rusting.

Our fireplaces are highly efficient due to our 5 sided heat exchange system. This ensures improvements in heat up to 8 times in heating.

You also don’t need to concern yourself with the hassle of cleaning because our fireplace come with removable ashtrays that are simple to clean.

Intentionally designed and crafted with the Australian quality and conditions in mind, you can rest assured that we have the perfect wood fireplace planned for your beautiful home.

For more information on HeatMaster’s wood fireplaces, visit your local distributor, or contact us today.

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