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Canterbury Gas Fireplaces

Let’s create an ambience in your Canterbury home that can’t be found anywhere else with our range of highly efficient and award-winning gas fireplaces.

Our new environmentally friendly gas fireplaces consist of improved flame patterns which look just as real as an Open Wood Fireplaces Sydney.

The freestanding casing allows you to install this marvellous fireplace anywhere in your Canterbury home.

Consisting of sleek design, the enviro gas fire place is easily merged into both classic and contemporary homes.

You can also choose from various styles including pebbles, logs, or coals to match the design of your homes.

The flawless fireplace is sure to add a sophisticated look to your Canterbury home.

Luxury gas fireplaces in Canterbury

The integration of new technology lets you control the thermostat of the fireplace from anywhere in your home through a wireless remote control system.

Together with visual appeal, we have also made sure the volume of the fireplace exhaust is as low as possible.

The addition of sound glass helps reduce noise from the exhaust fans, giving you a chance to enjoy a peaceful ambience in your beautiful Canterbury home.

You have the option of seamlessly installing a gas fireplace in an existing space in your home and you’ll be thrilled by a highly efficient gas fireplace which uses minimal gas.

Moreover, the logs are created on Australian driftwood which, in conjunction with our finely tuned flame patterning, creates an genuine looking fireplace experience.

We have kept the Australian conditions in mind which makes our fireplace perfect for your home.

Call us today on (03) 9761 7130 today for more information or visit one of our dealers in Melbourne.

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