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Open Wood Oven Trouble Shooting

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Smoking fire
(smoke entering the room)
  1. Damper closed

2. Grate sitting in ashtray

3. Incorrect clearance of flue cowl

4. Flue proximity to large tress, building etc.

  • Fully Open damper

• Suspend grate on brackets

• Ensure sufficient clearances from cowl to adjacent objects

• Add an extra length of flue.

Paint discolouring or peeling from firebox   1. Extreme change in temperature and wear and tear

2. Burning wet or treated wood

  • From time to time the paint may need a little attention, rust and accidental scratches, or faded spots from adverse conditions are easily repaired with sandpaper and a can of “Stove Bright” flat black, Hi Temp paint (available from your dealer).

• Ensure you only burn good dry untreated wood

Water entering firebox   1 Flues are installed upside-down

2 High wind area

  • Correctly install flues

• Using a anti down draft cowl

Squeaking nose from rotating cowl   1. not enough grease applied to cowl   • Apply ample heat resistant grease



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