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Seamless quickstep installation manual

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Firebox dimensions

contemporary design Seamless gas fireplace easy install

Minimum framing dimensions and clearances

Clearances from combustibles

  • Sides =12mm
  • Back =10mm
  • Top =150mm (to noggin)
  • Firebox to sit flush with front wall. Do not recess.

*Unit to sit on non – combustible base

If installing into an enclosure such as joinery, air ventilation is required.

  • Minimum enclosure height from top of box = 300
  • 1 Inlet and 1 outlet ventilation with a cross sectional area of 5000mm for each.

easy install modern enviro gas fireplace connection


Attaching outer glass

contemporary design Seamless gas fireplace easy install   Hooks go over the panel pin on the side of the unit
contemporary design Seamless gas fireplace easy install  
  1. Electrical power cable (Requires isolation switch)
  2. Incoming gas connection (1/2” BSP Male connector)
  3. Incoming air
  4. Extraction fan


In-line for assembly

easy install modern Seamless gas fireplace flue

  1. Flue though wall, floor or ceiling
  2. Inner glass gets screwed to firebox
  3. Outer glass gets hooked on to firebox (Refer to diagram above)
  4. Fascia attaches to the front of the firebox to finish flush with the wall
  5. non-combustible wall lining to be used to cover chimney breast

Gas input
High 36 MJ/h
Low 18 MJ/h


Minimum clearances required for balanced flue terminals or the flue terminals of outdoor appliances

(To be installed in accordance with local authority requirements) contemporary design Seamless gas fireplace easy install

a. Bellow eaves, balconies or other projections 300 mm

b. From the ground or above a balcony 300 mm

c. From a return wall or external corner 500 mm

d. From a gas meter (M) 1000 mm

e. From an electricity meter or fuse box (P) 500 mm

f. From a drain or soil pipe 150 mm

g. Horizontal from an building structure 500 mm

h. From any other flue terminal, cowl or combustion air intake 500 mm

j. Horizontally from an openable window, door, or non-mechanical air inlet, or any other opening into a building, with the exception of sub-floor ventilations 500 mm

k. Vertically below an openable widow, door,or non-mechanical air inlet, or any other opening into a building, with the exception of sub-floor ventilation 150 mm

l. Minimum horizontal clearance to any surface (such as an exterior wall) for vertical terminations 610 mm

m. Minimum height above roof line for vertical termination 600 mm


Using your flexible flue pipe

The Seamless’s revolutionary flue system incorporates one 65mm diameter pipe and one 58mm diameter pipe.

Heatmaster Seamless flexible flue   Use 3 bends only  

Our flexible flue has the ability to bend 3 times between the heating unit and the cowl. This includes the bend straight out of the heater if you’re fluing through the ceiling or floor.

Heatmaster Seamless flexible flue   Make the flue pipe go over the bearers and joists 

You may bend the flue over joists and bearers. It is recommended that a 20mm clearance be maintained between the smaller gas exhaust flue and combustible materials.

Heatmaster Seamless flexible flue   Fluing where the pipe had a spot lower than the rest 

Never allow a low spot in the flue. Installing the flue with a dip or “goose neck” can result in reduced efficiency or even prevent the fire from working.

A 20mm clearance is recommended from the extraction (smaller) flue to combustibles.


Configure triangle

Using up to three bends, use this triangle to work out measurements for your 4.5 mtr flue. The Seamless can be flued through the roof, wall or floor. *See your Heatmaster dealer for full details.

contemporary design Seamless gas fireplace easy install


Key Information – Quick step check list


  • Incoming gas connection provided – 1/2 inch BSP male connector *please provide approved 1m flex gas pipe & gas shutoff valve, to allow for removal if required.
  • Gas input – 36MJ high – 18MJ low
  • Manifold pressure (Nat gas) 0.88 Kpa
  • Appliance must be tested for correct operation prior to leaving
  • If appliance cannot be adjusted to perform correctly contact Heatmaster


  • Standard flex 2m, 3 pin plug provided. Requires power point with double pole isolation switch.



Addition literature

Supplements for flue installation can be obtained by contacting your Heatmaster dealer.

*All information contained in this mini summary is correct at the time of publication. This is only a summary and should be read in conjunction with the full installation instructions. Pictures are representative only and are not drawn to scale. Installation should be carried out by a licensed gas fitter and any electrical work carried out by a licensed electrician.

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